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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Believe Kids Fundraising - What Makes a School Fundraiser Successful?

Jay Moneta

Believe Kids Fundraising

I don't do a lot of self-promotion.  In fact, I can't remember the last time I came right out and said something in a promotional way surrounding my company.  The thing is, the story of the company is pretty remarkable. 

The difference between Believe Kids and other fundraising companies is that when all is said and done, we concern ourselves with the profit earned.  Not being satisfied just to sell something changes the game.  By increasing profitability for schools and groups nationwide, every child benefits!

Successful School Fundraisers

It's amazing to me that many times school don't even realize we were responsible for increasing their profit from previous fundraisers and previous years.  Looking critically at it tells the story, and still it can be lost on matriculating parent groups and school principals that are not involved.

I mention this only in the hopes that a group somewhere will run across this post and graph out their fundraising revenues over time, looking critically at the reasons the fundraiser succeeded or under performed.  Gaining this insight makes it easier to commit to the next fundraiser with confidence.

Here's just a few things that may have been responsible for good fundraising outcomes:

• Teamwork between principal, administration, teachers, students and parents.
• Contests or promotions that made fundraising exciting.
• Extending the fundraiser nationwide.
• Making the fundraiser important by sending notices, making signs, talking it up, etc.
• Productive fundraisers that generate more money per participating seller.

Here are just a few things that may have caused unsuccessful fundraising:

• No incentive for people to participate.
• Limiting involvement to just parents.
• Fundraiser just sent home without any importance or expectations placed on it.
• Choosing a fundraiser with items difficult to sell or low averages.
• Parent group did not want the fundraiser to intrude or be promoted.

Sit for a moment and just evaluate if past fundraisers selected were good, bad or indifferent.  Knowing what stopped a fundraiser from succeeding is a great way to ensure future fundraising success!

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