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Friday, September 7, 2012

School Fundraisers that Really Work!

School Fundraisers that Really Work!

You're on the lookout for a school fundraiser that will really work!  So, what's your plan?

In order to figure this one out, you have to determine what it is your criteria are.  Let's keep this really simple.  Here's my take on what should be important to me looking for a fundraiser that really works:

1) Parents are left happy
2) Sponsors experienced an easy (possibly fun) time
3) Significant profit raised
4) Minimal interruption & short time-frame

I hope I've characterized the most important characteristics of a successful fundraiser, but you can add your own, of course.

The fundraisers that best fit this criteria are Fall and Spring gift catalogs, frozen cookie dough fundraisers, magazine drives and some school-wide events.  School-wide events do require significant volunteer hours in both planning and execution that are taken care of by the fundraising company with the other fundraisers.

I hope whichever fundraiser you end up with fits into the above, providing a quick way to earn substantial money for your school or group!

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school fundraisers that work

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