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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fundraising Incentives Help School Fundraising Sales

Jay Moneta

Fundraising Incentives Help School Fundraising Sales!

If you've wondered if using incentives in your fundraiser to boost sales, the answer is yes!

A fundraising incentive could be a cumulative student prize program (meaning students earn more for higher sales), a drawing prize or a reward such as a pizza party.  Challenges are also available, such as hit this goal and the principal will do a polar bear plunge.  There's no bad reward.

Oh wait, that sounded bad.... Yes their are.

Something you don't want to offer is anything that will get your group into trouble.  Bringing in an extra sale for a better grade is bad.  Spending more on the reward than is earned through the fundraiser is also bad.  Not taking safety precautions is bad. 

I wrote about this before but it's worth repeating.  If you're going to do a duct tape the principal to the wall, cover private parts with cardboard before taping.  Don't get any kids in trouble for touching areas that you don't want touched!

Other than that, pretty much anything that engages students, teachers, parents or the community can only help!

I wrote a book on the subject.  101 Low & No Cost Promotions for your Fundraiser. It's available on the kindle ($2.99) or on slideshare as a presentation or PDF download:

101 Low & No Cost Promotions for your Fundraiser

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