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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Elementary School Fundraiser Opt Out...

Mommy Bloggers - Don't Bash Fundraising
Don't bash fundraising

Every year in the Fall, a slew of blogger Moms bash fundraising.  I really like the blogger Moms but it's very common for the very same folks that we love and read and rely on for great info tell us they want to just opt-out of school fundraising.



In stark opposition to the sentiment found on the web, I offer you a few words of encouragement. If you're a mommy blogger, remember that nothing puts the same amount of money into the classroom as the traditional gift and wrap catalogs, cookie dough or a magazine sale.  They just don't.

What about carnivals, walk-a-thons and auctions you ask?

They can raise significant funds and some groups find that they can raise significant funds consistently over time.  But for most, there are challenges.  Organizing takes time, buying supplies takes money up-front and the need for volunteers can be a burden.

Regardless of what fundraiser the school hosts, you're either in or you're out.

So, don't write a letter to the PTA saying you are opting out - it's rude.  If you choose to opt out, do it silently, not compromising the ability of the group to raise the funds they need. 

If you're frustrated about fundraising, just give anyway.  Feel good that you're helping your child find their passion inside the classroom and some money here and there is a small price to pay when your child connects with a book purchased from these funds.


Being discouraged about fundraising kinda comes with the territory.  Being asked for money makes people mad.  It's understandable.  The best thing you can do as a parent, community member or mommy blogger is support the cause as it's designed. 

Then, follow it up by making it better the next time! 

Help the group in whatever way you can.  Join the PTA, offer our services or get the word out on a cause that needs extra attention.

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Ok, until next time!


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