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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fundraise Only When You Need To!

The longer I am in this crazy fundraising business the more I realize there are a lot of people offering their products and services as fundraisers.

In reality, the key to successful fundraising isn't to work on multiple fundraisers but is instead to limit the number of fundraisers to what is absolutely necessary.

Seems straightforward enough until the Fall arrives and a few outspoken folks let their opinions on fundraising be heard in forums and articles sending a stark reminder that folks would prefer less fundraising.  That time is fast approaching.  There are many schools and groups pushing parents to fundraise nearly constantly throughout the year.  It becomes too much.  It creates 'fundraising fatigue'.

I get it.  There's just too much fundraising.  It's a valid point. So, what should we do?

Agree that there is no excuse for over-fundraising at your school or within your group.  Focus your efforts on one major fundraiser and put all your might behind it. All of it!  Limit the time you work on this fundraiser and when it's over, take a step back and have some fun!

You'll know that the next time you ask for money, you'll get it and you will have higher participation and interest in your main fundraiser.  By being succinct you may even find that more parents ask about the group or volunteer to help.

With fundraising, less is more!

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