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Monday, June 4, 2012

What Part of 'NO' don't you understand?

It's shocking really but some people that respond to a fundraiser with animosity. Seriously, What Part of 'NO' don't you understand? is real.

I just ran across a post about girl scout cookies and here's a juicy excerpt:

If kids have a booth outside a supermarket and they ask this one particular lady to buy she will say no and if they say anything else will reply by snapping "What Part of 'NO' don't you understand!"

So, there was a few other juicy tidbits in there as well.

The boxes are smaller, they don't taste as good anymore, the kids shouldn't be asked to peddle stuff, cookies are not healthy,  they only get a small portion of proceeds, I'd rather just give the money and not get the cookies, they are overpriced for what you get, I can get better tasting cookies for less than half that price and blah, blah, blah.

It's a fact.

People don't like fundraisers and in the Fall, so posts with negative comments will show up.  I try to let everyone know that it's ok to want to protect one's wallet.  It's just important to recognize what you will support and what you won't.

If there is something you believe in, you should support it.  If you don't... just be cool.  It's ok :)

The analogy would be if you like having a library in your neighborhood, you may want to visit it once in a while.  If the library closed because it was not utilized or supported and you would be devastated, the problem is not everyone else. It's you not supporting things you believe in.

So, for those of us who believe our kids should have their needs met inside the classroom, support putting those materials inside the classroom.  This only happens by supporting school fundraisers.

Ok, until next time!

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