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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Have Schools Become Top-Heavy and Wasteful?

Top-heavy and wasteful schools, huh?

I have never seen a wasteful school in person, but I have seen plenty of folks that believe schools waste funds. Being an expert in other areas, I can't prove my belief that schools are fiscally responsible, but I am not willing to believe anyone who asserts they are.

I have seen schools trying to hold on to slide projectors even though the technology had long-since passed.  Like 10 years past.  Oh, here's another one.  Wanna bet that most schools are still using VHS in some capacity?

I bet they are.  But you're probably not at home.

So, this post is just a bit of a rant.  I would love to see schools at the point where they could be the early adopters of new technology instead of lagging far behind using hand-me-downs.  That's what they would do if they had the money.  Here's my point...

I don't believe it when I hear that schools are wasteful. Not sure about the top-heavy part.

What do you believe?


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