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Monday, August 20, 2012

We Need More School Fundraisers!

We Need More School Fundraisers!

That doesn't sound quite right does it?  Just doesn't have that certain ring to it. Probably because 'We Need More School Fundraisers!' is not true.  It's a bunch of bologna.

What we need is less fundraising done well.  Here's the lowdown:

Charge when you can

If you can charge dues, invoice participants make a simple request that will be fulfilled, do not have an organized fundraiser.

For instance, if your hockey league has to buy pads for the future team's goalies, build in an extra $10 fee per parent at registration, then provide the pads automatically.  Don't get into the season and host a fundraiser to raise money for the pads.

The message here, is that if your expense is due to the normal cost of operation and your group is elective, charge up front. Make every effort to build in the cost so it's transparent to users.  People don't like nickel and diming, so charge once and let it be.

School Fundraisers should be GOOD!

If you are insistent that fundraising is for you and your school or group, realize that there is a difference between good and productive fundraisers and those that are, well, not good or productive.

For a fundraiser to be OK in my book, it must keep the relationship between parent and teacher intact.  It can't interfere inside the classroom unnecisarily or be bothersome to parents.  It's the responsibility of principals, teachers nad fundraising companies to dfind a way

Less is more!

Do not let less effective fundraisers interfere with ones that work well. It's very common to promote box tops on the marquee and guess what, that's fine.  But if your main Fall fundraiser is happening in a week, it's not.  Any contributions you get the weeks leading up to your main fundraiser is going to cause less participation in the main fundraiser.

When the main fundraiser makes more per student than the other, don't promote the other until afterwards.

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