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Friday, August 17, 2012

Charitable Giving and Elementary School Fundraising

charitable giving and elementary school fundraising

Charitable Giving and Elementary School Fundraising

The fact is, an average giver to charity donates 3-5% of their income.  So why so many complaints about fundraising prices?  Why resistance to giving?

The dollars and cents

A fundraising item is about $10 and there is an actual value exchange - the buyer does get something in return.  This provides a significant donation to the group and is easily affordable.  Even in lower income brackets, $10 for a product is very likely still affordable.  For those who are truly unable to contribute, because we're talking school fundraising, they can bow out gracefully.

Schools will receive $4 to $5 in cash on a $10 purchase not to mention a slew of benefits for students, teachers and principals.  Things like prize programs, shipping, catalogs, order forms, marketing materials, customer service, teacher incentives and many more are all paid by top fundraising companies on top of the cash profit.

The reach expanded

Consider this.  A traditional elementary school fundraiser today allows parents to get support from anywhere and everywhere they would like. A catalog can be brought to work or shared with neighbors and friends. A $10 donation is not something that is unreasonable to ask.  What's more, the websites associated with today's top fundraising companies should allow for nationwide fundraising.  Some companies (see my company fundraising shopping site for example) allows for emailing and promotion via facebook and twitter!

If someone can't afford a fundraising item, it's easier than ever for their family and friends to!

Tax benefits

Purchases from non-profits are generally tax deductible.  I read on MSN money that about 25% of charitable donations is received back in real tax benefits.  If this is so, a $10 donation will really cost $7.50! 

Now, that's amazing!

Giving is good

So, to summarize, there doesn't need to be resistance to giving to schools if things are put into perspective.  If schools truly need money and they let everyone know how important the fundraiser is, revenue should follow.

The thing is, it is liberating to know that help can come from individuals such as parents, but also friends, co-workers, relatives and even facebook or twitter friends!

You can feel good about giving to schools & non-profits!

Ok, until next time!


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