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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two Week Elementary School Fundraisers & School Principals

Principals and school fundraising.

This is really more of an appeal. 

If you are a principal, just know that our philosophy is congruent with yours.  Good fundraising companies have the same goal.

Speaking of my fundraising company in particular, we want to interfere as little as possible inside the classroom.  We want to encourage the parent teacher relationship.  We want more learning.  When it comes to technology, we want schools to be more on the cutting edge, allowing collaborative learning to take shape.  We want to help children find their passions!

In order to do that, we believe in a two-week focused campaign where principals, teachers, students and parents team up to raise such significant funds in the Fall, that only one main fundraiser is requred in the Spring.

Limiting fundraising is important. Promoting the fundraisers that make a huge impact, is how we team up to make a big financial difference while not causing undue distraction in the classroom.

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