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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm Mad at You Because Your Fundraiser Stinks!

Ok, so I'm not really mad, but your fundraiser stinks!

No Excuses

As a busy parent, just like you, I want fundraisers that are effective and quick.  I want to minimize the confusion as I look through my kids papers.  I want to be clear about what's important to the school and my child's education.

Things today need to be condensed, the fluff removed.  There is no excuse for confusing issues surrounding my child's education.


The Busy Parent

As a parent, the last thing you need is more interruption!  You don't have time to waste and if you do, you want to productively waste that time in ways you see fit - most likely strengthening your family relationships and not thinking about things that have little impact or relevance to your day.

The PTA Member

Parent group members are often swayed by how things feel.  For better or worse, decisions on fundraising are made in many cases without regard if the fundraiser will actually raise enough money and rarely is the amount of interruption or difficulty a factor in decision making.

The Fundraising Company

Fundraising companies offer all sorts of products and they all want to sell them to schools.  Fundraising companies, by and large, are not concerned with if a school hits it's fundraising goal.  The fundraiser itself can raise a certain amount of money.  Lollipops for example can only raise so much regardless of how they are promoted, but I bet if a school wanted to sell lollipops a company would sell them, even if they knew they had no chance of reaching their fundraising goals.


Improving Fundraising


Parents can resolve themselves to helping when it is requested.  This works great right after you read the following paragraph.

PTA member

The PTA simplifies it's coorespondence with the parent allowing important requests to be important.  When it's time to ask for help, the parent group asks for help in a way that makes it clear, this is the one - this is the time to help.

PTA's must seek out fundraisers that work.  Ineffective fundraising should be reserved for after the main fundraiser and minimized wherever possible.

Fundraising companies

Fundraising companies can improve their products and services so that schools can continue to raise large amounts of money in just a few short weeks.

Just as importantly, I believe fundraising companies have a responsibility to work within the groups current school fundraising strategy to help them succeed.  This means that occasionally a fundraising company recommends a school not add another fundraiser.

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Ok, until next time.


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