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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Elementary School Fundraisers that Start Late

When I was a child I was always a bit curious.  When I went into a store that had Christmas stuff in it, I wondered to myself when they must have ordered all the stuff that was in the store.  Then I wondered if they had to order it early then when was it actually manufactured?   The other kids in the store we're picking their noses or something and didn't think about any of that.

I finally found out when we were producing holiday compilation CD's back in the day, that we actually listened to holiday music year-round and worked on holiday-related goods all the time.  I have to say looking back that it was a bit strange but worked for us somehow.

Now, we produce one main fall catalog a year at Believe Kids.  I still think about Christmas items often but not all the time as before.  But here's the point.  In order to get your store ready for the Christmas shopping season, you have to order early.

Your manufacturer has to order even earlier!

There's only one thing you can do if you miss the boat and order too late... Sell at 50-90% off following Christmas just like the retailers do.

If you are hosting an elementary school fundraiser you have a window of opportunity as well.  Your main fundraiser (for instance a fall fundraising catalog or a cookie dough fundraiser) should happen with plenty of time to get your items delivered before school is out for the holidays!

In general, the point is... START EARLY!

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