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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Good Fundraising - take a look at non-profit fundraising....

Hey, so my last post was about product fundraising. 

Basically that there is more and more fundraising.  Some good fundraisers are getting lost in the shuffle. Regardless though, there is a lot of good fundraisers out there.  Fundraising that provides significant dollars but also many benefits on top of that that lead to a very high effective profit to the schools and very little to the fundraising company.

This time, it's about the contrast and similarities to non-profit fundraising.

Today, I offer you a comparison to current non-profit fundraisers. Reading this is very interesting.  I gathered that there are some very good non-profit fundraisers.  Still, they have significant expenses.  On the flip side, many fundraisers give very little to the groups they are supporting.  Worse still, is some donations mostly going to the companies hired to raise the money in the first place.  Check it out for yourself:

How To Find A Reputable Charity

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