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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Fundraising, Bad... Good Fundraising, Good....

Question... Do you feel there are more groups fundraising with more types of fundraisers more often?

I really feel it.

It's just that as I spend my days working to improve fundraising so there can be less of it, another group decides they need to start fundraising or add a fundraiser to make ends meet. 

Being in the fundraising business reminds me that there are always people with products to sell.  Turning their product into a fundraiser always seems like a good idea.

Do you think the motivation is to truly help schools or just sell?

I recently ran across an article that bashed school fundraising because only 20-50% of a fundraiser went to the organization.  But I regularly run across fundraisers with offers of 10% or less on products sold. 

Just know that there are profitable fundraisers out there.  My product fundraising company has a slew of benefits that go along with the fundraiser including student prize programs (at attainable levels), drawing prizes, free catalogs, order forms, posters and marketing materials, teacher incentives, principal incentives - all this on top of a 40-50% profit margin!

When it comes to fundraising, not every product out there is going to provide large dollars to the group.  When considering criticism of fundraisers, remember, the product costs money as does all the extras provided to the group. 

Next up, some info on non-profit charity. I think you'll agree that school fundraising is financially responsible and worth supporting especially once you see it.

Ok, until next time...


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