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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Discussion - Children should be rewarded for returning materials, not for selling.

Children should be rewarded for
returning materials, not for selling.

This is an interesting one and after careful consideration, I would have to say that I disagree.  The premise is that when it comes to school fundraisers, having parents turn in blank order forms is as good as turning in ones with fundraising orders.

I can see both sides, proponents would say everything should be fair and that nobody should be pressured to help the school raise money. The argument would be that some parents can't afford it.

When I look at it, I think that there are plenty of times to be fair, but, when it comes to supporting a fundraiser, turning in a blank order form is not the same as a completed one.  I guess I see it like this.  Why reward a student with an 'A' if they turn in an assignment that deserves a 'C'? 

"In sports, just driving to the field does not
guarantee a win.

You still have to play the game.

Beyond that, I would suggest that there are plenty of ways to extend the sale past one's own household.  Showing the form to coworkers or neighbors you know makes selling easy not to mention using the internet to generate sales nationwide!

Fundraisers (see my companies shopping website) are now able to be promoted via Twitter and Facebook.  This extends the sale way beyond the parent, now allowing all sorts of friends and acquaintances to support the sale.

So, my argument would be that anyone returning a completed order form with at least a sale qualifies to be rewarded.  Then, let everyone decide where on that scale they can be. 

Some will sell 1 item while others 100 or more.

Either way, I would suggest they both get rewarded.  I know with most fundraisers, the person who sells 100 gets rewarded more.  I'm alright with that, but to sell nothing and expect something in return certainly seems a bit odd.  Because the packets cost money, everyone else has to support their lack of sales if you know what I mean.  To reward that, just means the participating students contribute even more to reward the non-sellers. 

The answer - just sell 1 item.

Ok, until next time!


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