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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why School Fundraising Companies Are Awesome!

Believe Kids - Fundraising Awesome!
Fundraising awesome!

Fundraising companies are awesome!

Hey, you either think that fundraising companies are selfishly making money hand-over-foot or you know the truth.  Fundraising companies benefit only when schools raise money.

These days, anything that is not good or helpful or in demand, is going away. 

Think about the things that you love to do and support.  Well, if you didn't support them and the other folks that love them were to stop supporting them, what would happen?

Fundraising companies operate in margins that no brick and mortar or online retailer would bear. To provide a 40-50% cash payment to groups followed by paying for product, shipping expenses, prize programs, incentives, catalogs and order forms, websites, customer service and so much more would seem ludicrous.

So, if you have a good fundraising company, you will be earning significant funds.  Many times, this is above and beyond previous fundraisers dollars raised and in some cases, new fundraising records are achieved!

On top of the dollars raised being very substantial, kids should be satisfied - parents should receive quality goods at fair prices.  Customer support should be free and included and good.

If you find such a company, support them back because they're awesome!

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