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Friday, July 6, 2012

Technology in the classroom - The vendor teacher relationship...

I was thinking about the things in my life I like to support.  I have a mall next to my neighborhood that is remarkably nice but pretty new.  As such, it's not as busy as it should be to sustain itself and flourish.

So, whenever I can, I head up and show my support by shopping there.  I don't head out to the more established larger mall in another town as often.

This story really only illustrates one point - if you like something, you have to support it.

I understand that there is a convoluted relationship between vendors who offer technology for schools and the people it would help.

If you are the vendor of these technologies, please realize your job isn't merely to sell stuff, but is to improve a particular classroom.  If the classroom doesn't significantly benefit from the technology you bring to it, move on gracefully.

If you are the teacher or are the person whom is being sold a product for the classroom, if it benefits you greatly, take the leap!

Realize that by not supporting something, there is no reason for it to exist.

Support what you believe in!


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