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Thursday, July 5, 2012

School Fundraising Mall Criticism

There's a passive fundraiser called a 'school mall'.  Basically, companies like Amazon have an affiliate relationship with the mall.  These companies pay a commission of sales referred by the program.  Some of this commission is paid back to the group fundraising.

There has been some criticism of information sharing and such.  I just wonder though, are schools finding a school mall fundraiser worth the time and effort it takes to promote?

I guess without knowing more personally, I shouldn't judge.  What I do know is that the income to a school from this fundraiser is a shadow of the funds raised by a traditional catalog, cookie dough or magazine fundraiser.

If you promote a 'mall' fundraiser before your main Fall fundraiser, you may just find that you lose sales on the main fundraiser as a result.

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Source PTO Today:  TOPIC: School Mall

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