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Monday, July 9, 2012

Elementary School Fundraising Criticism - I'd rather write a check

"I'd Rather Write A Check."

By far, this is the most common solution offered by parents to the fundraising industry.  You can see this sentiment posted in blogs and articles and seems like a great idea.  The problem is, it's not a new idea and it's not a particularly effective one either.

Take a look in September or so.  You'll see this one posted around the web.

Of course, I encourage schools to raise the most money in whatever effective, focused way they can.  If a check writing campaign works, great!  Go ahead and keep things simple and cash those checks.

I think what we'll find though, is that check-writing campaigns do not work as advertised.

If it were as effective as it would seem, every school would drop the fundraisers immediately and just ask for money or if it were legal, cut out the asking part and just send an invoice to be paid by parents.  The criticisms of fundraising would stop and schools would be satisfied.

The thing is, we know that public schools can't demand payment and we know some people can't pay.  So, that presents a bit of a paradox.  Schools need to charge but not all parents can pay.  Like it or not, traditional school fundraisers fill that gap.  I leave you with that for today.

I'm here if you have any comments or feedback.  Thanks!

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