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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Profitable Elementary School Fundraising: Student Participation...

What makes an elementary school fundraiser a success?

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Successful School Fundraising

I think a successful fundraiser has a few key components.  First off, parents need to believe the fundraiser is important.  Second, they need to believe they will receive a fair value exchange for their money and lastly, they need to be willing to say 'yes' to participating.

Some reasons for resisting the school fundraiser are:

1) Resistance to generous giving. 

Put bluntly, parents don't want to make a charitable contribution.  When confronted with the fundraiser, there is an almost automatic 'If only' response.  If only we had money, if only there were things I needed, if only they asked for a check.  There is one response or another, but the reality is, they don't want to make a donation.  If schools let parents know ahead of time what will be asked of them, they are more receptive to the giving when it happens.

2) Parents are busy.

I have to admit I've fallen victim to this as well.  Thinking that parents can keep up with all the materials sent home is dangerous ground.  A concerted effort today involves more than just a paper being sent home, it requires communication from the principal and teachers as well to have impact. Well, or schools could send home less stuff so when something important appears, action is taken.

3) Too much fundraising.

In schools where fundraising is a constant, revenues fall.  Schools promoting many 'passive fundraisers' such as box tops and recycling programs while doing events, product fundraisers and spirit nights may just find that parents experience 'fundraising fatigue'.  The end result is a withdrawal of interest from the school.  With this separation also comes the separation of wallet from school as well.

Successful School Fundraising

In conclusion, asking early, limiting or restructuring the notices sent home and limiting fundraisers greatly impacts the success of school fundraisers!

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