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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Challenge of Elementary School Fundraisers...

There's a distinct challenge with elementary school fundraisers today... 

7 Ways - Getting Parents to Participate! 

Before you host your next fundraiser, here are a few tips to getting more parents interested.

1) Make sure every parent knows why you are fundraising.
2) Have teachers send a note or email to parents asking for their help.
3) Send a preview notice home letting them know what WILL happen.
4) Use signage to get the attention of parents in drop off / pick up lines.
5) Have a reward for hitting a goal that kids will share with parents.
6) Reward parents who help out (think muffins for moms is we hit $xx in the fundraiser).
7) Have a principal email campaign, where the principal makes a plea for help.

Yeah, I pretty much just put what came to mind first and I'm sure I missed some.  Regardless, you can see that people will participate if the fundraiser becomes important!  Every one of these listed will increase the participation in the fundraiser by either encouraging or reminding parents of the fundraiser.

Ok, until next time!


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