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Monday, July 16, 2012

Fundraiser Participation...

Fundraiser Participation...

Believe Fundraiser
Participation In School Fundraisers is Critical!

The most important attribute of a successful fundraiser is the number of active participants in it!

If you just increase the number of people participating by just a few, your school fundraising outcome can be dramatically improved.

So, how can you most easily improve the participation in your fundraisers?  Ask for help. 

• Principal
• Office Staff
• Teachers
• Parents
• Community

Start with the Principal!  The principal can offer the biggest jump in participation of anyone!  If the principal will host a challenge or contest, the school wins!

Otherwise, rally staff and teachers to participate.  They have a lot of pull in the school so if they make it important, it will be important.

Encouraging parents and the community is your last refuge.  If you can get parents to act instead of opt-out, you win. 

Remember, even though it seems like an outrageous task, you only need to improve the participation a little bit to make a big impact!

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