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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elementary School Fundraising Rewards and Incentives

It's important to reward hard work.  We reward a lot of activities and when it comes to our family and private lives.  We give trophies to our t-ballers, we go to special dinners on birthdays and we give good grades for good test performance. 

School budgets being what they are, schools are relying on fundraising efforts more than ever to make up for financial shortfalls.  So, why not fundraise LESS but MORE EFFECTIVELY!

If we understand that incentivising students for participating can increase participation in the fundraisers, we can fundraise less.  By being inclusionary, by asking people to join us in an important effort, we fundraise more effectively.

So, when it comes to fundraising, less is more.  So, clearly announcing the rewards for good performance ahead of your next fundraiser will be your ticket to less - and less fundraising is good!


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