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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sally Foster Gift Wrap Gift Card School Fundraiser

In 2010, Sally Foster changed the way they did business.  They introduced a gift card sale where anyone purchasing for a school fundraiser would go purchase a gift card.  They would take that gift card and purchase online with it on their fundraising sales website and items would be shipped to the home.

I was skeptical of the program and posted on my blog previously (Is Sally Foster Cost-Cutting or Revolutionizing Fundraising in Schools?), but in reality, I would have liked to see this fundraiser succeed.  I would have like to see a new form of effective school fundraising.

In tons of conversations, blogs and message board posts, people have expressed an interest in a new way to fundraise.  I agree that there should and will be new ways for schools to raise money in the future. 

But, new is difficult.  

Sally Foster realized the hard way following the release of the program.  So, how, when and where will a new type of fundraiser take hold?  Nobody knows.  What we are left with today is that incremental changes in profitable fundraisers work. 

As new products emerge, marketers will wonder if the fundraising industry is right for their product distribution.  The thing is, new fundraisers, although interesting, may not be the type of 'new' people are talking about.


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