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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's with door-door fundraisers anyway? PT. 2

Yesterday's post 'What's with door-door fundraisers anyway?' shared how we went from friendly to fearful as a nation.  We went from dropping kids off in a neighborhood to fundraise alone (sometimes at night) to being fearful when we visited people's homes we didn't know. 

Today, the purpose of this post is simple.  To explain that there may still be door-to-door fundraisers out there. Let's take a quick look.

Many schools still host their own fundraisers.  This is completely fine, but they are generally not aware that their fundraising efforts can encourage door-to-door fundraising.

A walk-a-thon or read-a-thon that encourages donations from many individuals is a door-to-door fundraiser if you head out into the neighborhood to collect sponsorships.  Generally, this is what's expected from these fundraisers so here's a suggestion.

As a school sponsor, principal or parent group member, make sure to have a 'DO NOT GO DOOR-TO-DOOR' disclaimer on your documents and collection envelopes if you believe it's a safer recommendation.

That way, people will be reminded to take the document to work, call relatives and collect sponsorships from people they know.

In an ironic twist, if you do not have that disclaimer, you're probably taking part in something you wouldn't allow your fundraising company to get away with.

Hope you enjoyed this one!  Probably took you by surprise a bit huh?

Ok, until next time!


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