Elementary School Carnival Ideas

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Are you wondering how many passive fundraisers to offer before there's just too many?

Passive fundraisers...  How many is too many?

I think that hosting passive fundraising can be just fine but not if it interferes with the main fundraising efforts at your school.

Consider offering all the passive fundraisers in one area.  My son's school has it in a lobby area across from the office. They also use this area for the parent bulletin board stuff as well.

By having things all in one place, parents who are waiting in the lobby or have extra time to discover new things will find them.  If you wish to mention that you have an area in the school where parents can discover services and events including the passive fundraisers, do so.  Just make sure that it's at a time where you won't lose money because of it.

You will lose money if you are hosting a main fundraiser but take away from it by promoting something else that minimizes the importance of the fundraisers. 

When it's time to fundraise seriously, do it without distraction.  If it's not that time, then let parents know they can help with the passive fundraisers. 

Just do it in the right order.

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