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Friday, June 22, 2012

Evaluating Your Elementary School PTA / PTO Activities

Hi!  Jay here.  I want to let you quickly know that right before school is back in session is the best time to re-evaluate your PTA or PTO activities!

Principals - meet with your PTA or PTO and go over their comprehensive plan for the Fall activities and fundraisers!  If you're allowed to, see if you can help them run some numbers and determine if the fundraisers they are holding will earn money and if they are too intrusive into the demands of teaching.  Don't let the PTA or PTO host fundraisers that are risky and help them ensure against theft!

PTA and PTO members - get together with the expressed purpose of finalizing your schedule.  Make sure you have everything in place to present yourselves and the school with conviction and professionalism.  Don't hesitate.  Make sure that when the school year hits, so does  the PTA or PTO!  In your meeting discuss if you have any risky or particular needy areas that present concern.  Can you simplify things?

Remember, less is more!  So if you can strip away things you're not putting time into, before school starts would be the time to decide what it is you will do well, and what you don't need to do!

Ok, until next time!


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