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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

School Fundraising Ideas - How to decide?

There are a lot of fundraisers out there.  I've run across mattress fundraisers, peanut-free fundraisers, travel fundraisers and no-bake sale fundraisers.

There is no shortage of school fundraising ideas!

There's a million products and events out there turned into fundraisers of some sort or another. 

Everyone wants to find the newest school fundraising idea and you do too.  So, you're left having to sort through all kinds of info to find that perfect fundraiser.

So, you're sorting through all the junk to find that perfect fundraiser for your school or group and things are confusing.  How will you decide?

My 30 second advice:

I know you'll have lots of feelings.  Just remember that there are numbers behind the fundraisers too.  Real numbers like how much you will make with each fundraiser that you consider.

Figure out what makes you the most, with the feelings you like and you've got a winning combination.

Ok, until next time!


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