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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Best High-Profit Elementary School Fundraisers for PTA's PTO's

If you are involved with a PTA or PTO at your elementary school, you know first-hand the challenges of picking a successful school fundraiser.

Have you noticed a tendency to not want to burden parents, to want to be as gentle as possible because the economy is in trouble or you believe parents are hit up too much?

Believe me, your not alone!

Here's the thing though.  I've watched PTA's and PTO's choose the softest, least intrusive fundraisers only to schedule additional fundraisers later in the year.  I've seen fundraisers that take so much work to organize, that other functions of the parent group grind to a halt.  I've seen so many fundraisers run in a year, that parents stop participating in school sponsored activities.

So, there are a lot of companies, services and self-hosted fundraisers available to you but there's a secret.  There's a way to achieve the best high-profit elementary school fundraiser for your PTA or PTO.

How you ask?

Well, you could go through the numbers right?  The only numbers needed are estimated number of participants you can expect multiplied by how much on average a participant will sell.  You could ask your fundraising company what their participation is in your area and what their average sale is..  You could look at last years event fundraising records for the number of tickets sold and the income generated.  Or you could go a completely different way.

Ok, you ready for the secret?

Pick the fundraiser that will generate the most action, excitement, RESULTS!  What you are looking for is a RSVP, a ticket sale, a commitment, a purchase or an attendee!  Yes, instead of the softest sale, you want the hardest in-your-face sale in the history of sales!

So whatever you choose, make sure that the principal will get behind it!  Ensure that each and every teacher will become an active participant and supporter!  Make sure that every parent knows why it is important and why they just have to participate!

With any luck, you've picked a fundraiser that can extend to the community or even nationwide (as in the case with many high-profit elementary school fundraisers - no obligation disclaimer as this is my company).

Regardless of who you use for your PTA or PTO Fundraiser or what type of event you choose to host, there is no substitute for planning and careful execution!  Keep your fundraiser short and make it important and forget about having to run other fundraisers later in the year because you didn't hit your fundraising goal! 

This approach will shatter your fundraising records!

Ok, until next time!


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