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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Criticism of Amazon.com Fundraiser

Does school’s partnership with Amazon undermine Main St.?

Ran across an article you may want to kick around.  This involves the promotion of an Amazon.com fundraiser. I perked up a bit when I saw the following from a main street bookstore in response to their local schools Amazon fundraiser:

“Bottom line is, my tax dollars are supporting the schools and Amazon’s tax dollars are not."

Certainly has a point there.  Of course, being a technology guy, I wonder how a brick and mortar bookstore plans on thriving without some serious technology and other local community business generating ideas, but that's really not the point.

In this case, I agree.  Not sure really that I have the ability to think it all through right now, but there is something to this. Can you help me think it through?

Your thoughts?

Additionally, if anyone would like to chime in on if a 'passive' fundraiser like the Amazon.com school fundraiser causes less participation in the main fall fundraisers such as the gift and wrap or cookie dough fundraisers responsible for tens of thousands of dollars each in profit? 



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