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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Technology Future - Discussions on New Technology for the Classroom

Many of you know I am a fan of technology both inside and outside of the classroom.  With technology moving so fast, I do wonder if schools will be keeping up so I want to send this your way.

 My concern is based on engagement.  What I fear is that children will become disconnected from truly engaging if technology used at home is significantly more advanced than that found at school.

I think collaborative learning using technology will help find children's passions more effectively - and more often.

 “We Don’t Need No Stink’n Textbooks” #Beyondthetextbook

So, as I read this, I think there are perhaps a few things that I believe are benefits of using technology that may not have come up in their discussions.  

Particularly, I believe that things that take teachers significant time should be automated.  To me, this means that personal development and better lesson plans will come out of having the extra time.  All I had to ask myself is why a teacher would be manually grading tests or exams any longer (outside of answers that require long answers written out).  I think that everyday quizzes, tests and assignments should be digitally cataloged without needing eyeballs or data entry.

Could teachers be using that grading time for more productive purposes?  

So, without any more drama on my end, I leave you with this.  Technology in the classroom is good and it is important and we all should support innovation that helps schools better engage with children.

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