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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blogs in the Classroom - and now your PTA blog!

There's evidence that blogging is good.  Good for students and education.  Basically, writing and reading provides the foundation for education (read The educated blogger: Using weblogs to promote literacy in the classroom).

Now that we've agree that blogging is good for students and teachers, let's determine if blogging is good for your PTA. 

I personally believe that writing is a way to reinforce ideas - your ideas.  The process of writing clarifies and organizes as you write them.  By explaining clearly on a blog, what you really do is allow yourself an opportunity to see any problems, pitfalls or issues with what you are explaining.  The flipside is that fun and exciting things may come to light that you may not have even thought about.

I believe a PTA blog should be used to clearly illustrate goals and achievements and explain special events.  Blogs are the best 'home base' for your PTA photos and videos as well.  Take your blog posts to a new level by linking to them from Twitter and Facebook and even more rewarding will be linking to your PTA blog articles directly from the school newsletter or school website!

As long as you are thinking through what you are posting being sensitive to some very basic common sense rules, you'll be posting quality stuff in no time!

Ok, until next time!

P.S. you can check out a few of the blogs I run below.  The Fundraising PLN blog is a bit snazzy for typical use, however, the Believe school fundraising blog below is a completely free blog as is this one you are reading now. Truth be told, this Blogger blog is far easier to use than Wordpress and integrates seamlessly into your Google account.



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