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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Power of Connections - Using Twitter for Professional Development...

There's a power in who you know - your connections, your surroundings.

Professionally, you can develop online with the help of tools that are readily available to you.  Tools like Twitter for example.  Here's how.

Twitter has a search bar.  If you are curious about something, as an alternative to googling it, you can see who's talking about something right now.  Go ahead and try it.  Put in a any topic and see what happens.  Chances are, you'll realize there are a number of folks interested in, and talking about, the things you are.

Some of these folks could be the connections that help you take your personal development on a topic to a new level.  You can follow them, bookmark them, read their stuff and read the stuff they talk about.  You can even contact them. 

Give it a shot!

Ok, until next time!



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