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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Inspiration - Apple products and education...

Hey, I know I type a bunch of crazy stuff here on my blog and here's another installment.  For this Friday Inspiration I want to suggest you checkout apple.com.

I was a PC guy and I still am.  I've just realized I'm an Apple guy too.  My introduction (beyond classic apple desktops) was the iPhone.  What a revolutionary device.  A few years prior I was working at home and didn't even have a phone and when the iPhone was released and I got my hands on it, it was remarkable!

From then, MacBook Pro, iPad and now considering iTouch for the kids.  Where's my PC?  At work where it cranks out pretty amazing stuff.

I won't buy another PC for home I don't think but I will buy a smart TV or whatever comes along next.  My Friday inspiration is that you re-familiarize yourself with new technology.  Having said that, Apple Computer is a great place to start.

The applications for education are incredible with Apple products because of the simplified and intuitive design. They are an appropriate technology for the classroom and the future feels limitless.

Ok, until next time!

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