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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marketing - Signs on Top of Signs - Too Much Equals Very Little.

Are you posting signs on top of signs?

There's only a few things that are critical knowledge at any given point in time and the tower of signs above is not very likely to help in reminding me or anyone else of those.  Chances are, the items above are things that may have been important to the DMV at one point, but are not very important to the folks at the counter.  

The goal of sign posting is to make everyone aware of one critical thing that really needs fixing but often these things get a bit messed up.  For instance, the next photo illustrates a use of signage that would appear to be a huge problem for the DMV - pets.  I looked around and there weren't any at all in there.  So, does the sign work remarkably well, or is there really no pet problem? So kind of you to allow service dogs!

Next up, I suggest that there is only a limited amount of mental resources available to customers who enter your establishment, enter your school or see your materials.  They can be barraged with a bunch of stuff that begins to not make much of an impact.  Considering the folks already seated inside are not going anywhere (even if they are sick), how well does this sign work?  I'm not dogging on the CDC but there's a million better ways to get this across.

Movin' on.  So... how's this one for being a bit confusing.  Are my kids in danger if they are unattended or are unattended kids just annoying?  Not real sure. Just a side note, unattended children actually provide a bit of comic relief.  In the DMV, I'm really not too concerned about keeping my kids quiet. Sorry but I'm not.  Make your line faster so you don't have to hear them for long.  Believe me, they will be laying a wake of destruction in their paths so the faster you are, the less you need this sign.

Wow, a great big fax number!  Looks like fun!

Nothing like duplicate lame-o posters!

So, the madness at the DMV goes on and on.  I really just want you to know that you don't have to post flyers everywhere for everything.  You do not need to include every single specific in your letters, emails, posts, newsletters etc.  Just dilute the content to what is most needed and provide a way to get more info.  The key is that the people that need the info need it and the ones that don't... just don't.

Is there a difference between telling me that you can't take checks under $10 vs. saying that you don't and then pointing to a flyer?

In your marketing the point is to make it so everyone gets the gist and a select few can find out more.  That's it.  You do that and you're golden.  By the way, there were a lot more signs than this posted.  Most of it was old and outdated and nobody asks if the information is needed or relevant any longer.

Out with the old and in with the new.  New things people want to find out about and old stuff should be removed.  Go ahead, try it.  Take down the no pets allowed poster and see what happens!

Apply this to your school or business or even marketing materials and you'll be better off.  No need to thank me, just do it!

Ok, until next time!

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