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Monday, February 27, 2012

What Does A Successful Traditional School Fundraiser Look Like?

A "traditional" school fundraiser is often time considered an order-taker.  A catalog of items that folks can pre-order from for a bulk delivery directly to a school or group.  A portion of the money raised is returned to the school in the form of a profit margin.  This could be a food catalog, wrapping paper, flower bulbs or magazines just to mention a few.

Typically a "traditional" fundraiser will encompass the following traits:

• Group earns a 40-50% profit based on gross receipts
• Extra's such as drawing prizes and incentives are offered
• Free catalogs with free shipping of marketing materials
• Free shipping on fundraising items in a bulk delivery
• Free customer service, missing and damaged item replacement/refunds
• Free marketing materials (posters, banners, flyers, etc.)
• Printed and emailed sales reports
• Complimentary cumulative student prize program
• Fundraiser goes nationwide with product sales website

A "traditional" fundraiser runs for two weeks.  If your school wants to raise significant funds you can have your principal throw a little challenge such as 'student is principal for the day' or 'principal spends day on roof' or something.  Anything that encourages teachers to communicate the importance of the fundraiser will make it important to students and parents alike.

Here is my companies traditional school fundraisers but you obviously can choose to work with a number of quality companies.  Things to keep in mind would be the companies past performance in your area, the number of backorder or fulfillment problems and the benefits offered.

Regardless of who you use, you can ask me in the form of comments below or on twitter for additional specifics.  I'd love to be a resource no matter what you're school is up to for major school fundraising campaigns.

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