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Friday, February 24, 2012

Technology in the Classroom of the Future...

I read an article about technology as it relates to blended learning, online courses and brick and mortar education.  There really is not a lot of answers about what the future of education looks like.  I understand there are different camps.  For instance, online courses need students and brick and mortar schools need kids in seats.  How will these to camps meet up and what does that look like?  Nobody knows.  I really wanted to put a quick comment out there for educators and anyone else who may find it interesting. 

When I think of the future of education and technology in the classroom of the future, it reminds me of how I think of future technology and wonder what it will be like.  I wonder why soap dispensers in restaurants are allowed to run out of soap knowing darn well there is a technology solution that could fix that.

Then things happen, technology adapts and changes and every once in a while there is an unexpected game changer like those old giant cell phones from the 80's.  More recently, the iPhone comes to mind.  Nobody saw it coming and yet, when it arrived it felt right, a perfect addition to our lifestyles.  It seems like it was so obvious.

I leave you with this.  Use technology in your daily lives and classrooms as much as you can.  Take a chance and ignore any negative feelings you get telling you not to do it.  Push through and change your classroom or your day so that you automate, simplify and allow others to engage.

What happens next is you or someone else takes your idea further and it seems quite natural.  This is the way of technological improvements.  So, go do something with technology today and that will open up an opportunity for someone to one-up you later.

Ok, until next time! 

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