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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wii fundraiser at school draws concern - REALLY?

 What do you think of this one?  

 Wii fundraiser at school draws concern

I hardly consider this news, but then I read the full story:

Wii-diculous? Wii fundraiser raises some concerns at Avon school

Oh, boy I love a great news story but this is not really much of a story - and it's not great.  Get those game systems and don't look back.  Plus the game systems are now cheaper link.

What gets me about this is that the Wii shouldn't draw concern as much as the fact that they have no solution for indoor recess as far as I see it.  

The comment about some parents would prefer to just write a check is pretty bad.  It has nothing to do with things.  Parents always say they would rather write a check because people want to control their donations.  In reality though, we all know they don't write the checks.

Alrighty, I think I am just pointing this out because it's so bad.  Just trying to make controversy when there really isn't any is not cool.  

Plus, technology in the classroom is good and I see the Wii as a very capable and surprisingly high-end system which is entertaining and really keeps kids moving!

This blog post is admittedly horrible and yet, still many times better than the articles it references so I feel aright about it :)

Ok, until next time!


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