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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parents Need to Support Schools... Fundraising Companies Should Improve... Schools Need To Promote!

In the last few days, I've heard from some fundraising reps that the number of incentives required to effectively promote a fundraiser has gone up - way up over the years.

Incentives are intended to be a subtle encouragement during a school fundraiser, not a bribe.  I have been reminded that marketing and incentives can easily become overbearing.

There is also a fine line between encouraging sales and interruption and bribery.  The fundraising industry by and large, can effect change so parents will once again support fundraisers in large numbers.

The solution...

1) Parents need to participate in fundraisers.  It is really that simple.  They have to do so as part of a team. To work with the school, family and fundraising company to host one successful fundraiser.  This is how we achieve supremely effective fundraising that does not interfere with schooling or coerce students to participate.

Then, after one condensed successful fundraiser, don't spend the rest of the year fundraising, but rather having some fun, entertaining or educational activities and events.  Celebrate your successes by not fundraising multiple times throughout the year!

2) Fundraising companies need to improve to offer heavy-hitting fundraisers that can be school-wide successes so that schools do not need multiple fundraisers.  Fundraising companies also need to offer the type of quality products and services that leave parents happy.

3) Schools need to effectively portray the main fundraiser as the main fundraiser... put focus on it... make it important!  If 'save those box tops' is on the scrolling marquis before you launch your fundraiser, your main fundraiser of the year will not perform as well.

As you can see, the solution is not to offer more and more incentives.  The answer is to work together to make one fundraiser important.  By encouraging all parties involved to participate and asking them all firmly, amazing successes follow!

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