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Monday, May 30, 2011

Fundraising Strategy for Elementary School Districts, School Principals and PTA / PTO Parent Groups

Let's talk strategy for a moment...

Picture in your mind, the big game.  An excited crowd anticipates a big play at just the right moment.  The moment arrives but unfortunately, the coach hasn't planned very well and it turns out they don't have one. 

They blow the big game and nobody on either side is happy with the way the game ended.


Do we think this is a reality and the coach has no plan?  I know how ridiculous it sounds but this is the way we treat school fundraising.  It's like the win or lose is decided randomly.

I'm here to tell you all that a solid fundraising plan will allow you to win the championship every year!

Tomorrow, I'll discuss that steps to take specifically, but for today, just know you can change the game of chance you play with your current fundraising plan and have consistent wins every time.  It's possible and probable!

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