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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5 Fundraising Strategies for Elementary School Districts, School Principals and PTA / PTO Parent Groups - CONTINUED...

So, here is part 2 of Fundraising Strategy for Elementary School Districts, School Principals and PTA / PTO Parent Groups.

Part 1 is a simple premise.  Your school or district can improve fundraising dramatically by having a fundraising plan.

Here in part 2 I want to very quickly address a 5 simple ways to specifically improve elementary school fundraising results by having a simple strategy.

1) Less is More - be cognizant of how many requests parents receive on a daily basis.  Book fairs, spirit nights, school photos, yearbooks, permission slips, sports nights, events, donation letters, volunteer requests and newsletters all count as things to do and things to deal with. 

Simplify these...  Minimize these.

Reserve them for the most important events and fundraisers.  Consolidate other requests as much as possible into newsletters or update emails if no action is immediately requested.

2) Host heavy-hitting fundraisers - get rid of any fundraisers that earn just a few thousand dollars in favor of one two-week heavy-hitter.  This will earn much more money without burning parents out. 

3) When is important - host fundraisers where vacations, finals, holidays or other events may cause low participation.  Generally the beginning of a semester is best because parents and students are fresh and demands on time lower than near the end of the year.

4) Build confidence - build confidence in your students, parents and the community by providing quality prizes and products and offer value.  When people receive a fair deal, they feel good.  The same can't be said for anyone that feels they were taken advantage of.  Remember that even though it's a donation, there is an expectation that the product or service will be worth the money spent.

5) Encourage teamwork - from the district level right to the teachers, working together creates success.  There is nothing more powerful than the request of a principal and nothing as encouraging as a kind request from a favorite teacher.  Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork!

Hey, there you have it.  I hope just one school utilizes the information here to come up with a winning elementary school fundraising strategy!  Having a plan is worth it! 

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