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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Inspiration - PTOToday.com

It's another glorious Friday and I want to leave you with a good resource for PTO's (and other parent group members).  It's the PTOToday.com website and I've been reading and posting regularly for a long time.

Go ahead and check it out.  Your PTO will find some ideas, help and advice for busy PTO and PTA groups. 


Ok, until next time!


Keep the conversation going on twitter or facebook and please share what you see here with others!  The direct link to this website is fundraising-advice.com

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TheBossMan said...

There is a really simple fundraiser for individuals and PTAs who want to help local education. The site is http://rewardeducation.org . It is a simple to use web portal that tracks your purchases at over 1200 online retailers and allocates a portion of your invoice total (varies based on the retailer) to the school of your choice. All you really have to do is get an account in minutes and start your online shopping on the site every time. We think this is really cool. There is even a tool where you can build a network of people to boost your contributions.