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Friday, November 5, 2010

Strange Weird and Wacky School Fundraisers

Here's a fun Friday blog post for ya!  There are a lot of school fundraising ideas floating around out there and not all of them are reasonable, rational or even sane. 

Not sure how many people really take advantage of these fundraisers "on the fringes" so to speak but I just ran across a post about cow pie bingo or something like that.  They had a whole field marked off with squares to track all of the cow patties.

Hey, if it works for you great!  Not everyone is going to get it and that's just fine if it's your thing :)

I hear about strange fundraisers all the time.  Recently ran across a fundraising company that offers a mattress fundraiser and I'm sure if I started to really think about it I would remember some much stranger.  Oh yeah, cash for grades.  Yes, that was one fundraiser that got some negative attention last year.

Take a look at this one that discusses Alpaca Poop Fundraiser, Pink Flamingo Flocking and 'Slave for a Day' fundraisers.


Planning a School Fundraiser? How to Walk the Fine Line Between Shocking and Savvy - LINK


My advice for anyone throwing an off-the-beaten-path fundraiser is that if you must pick one, do so with it becoming a huge repeatable hit in the forefront of your mind.

Choose something that will resonate with your school or community personally, then try your darndest to make it a huge event that you can use to get press with and repeat every year.   If you can't make a lot of money, remember that there are already quite safe fundraisers out there that raise tens of thousands of dollars in just two weeks.  If you still insist then...

Make it a thing!  Make it an event to remember - and not for bad reasons.

Keep in mind that not all weird and wacky fundraisers will work. By hosting one, you are taking a risk.  Choose wrong and risk ridicule or worse.

Last year, a few duct tape fundraisers went bad as well.  Folks, cover your private parts with cardboard or the kids will have no choice but to tape over them. If you don't put the cardboard over you before taping, don't complain when things get weird.

School fundraiser goes awry - LINK

The trouble with the duct tape fundraisers lead to students being expelled and trouble with the law.  It's not worth it.

To sum it up, there are reasons fundraising companies exist and in many cases, save schools from embarrassment.  Be careful out there.  If you are on your own planning a fundraiser, look at all of the possible downsides before you jump right in.

You can contact me for insight anytime.


Thanks for looking, sharing and commenting!  Feel free to let me know if you've hosted a strange fundraiser that has become a trend in your area!  On the flip side, have you hosted a bomb of a crazy fundraiser I should know about?

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