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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Schools and Parents Limited Attention Spans

Schools have a responsibility to inform parents and it's a tricky deal.  Information from the district, principal, administration, parent groups and teachers all have to be effectively disseminated.

But when is too much communication too much?

I think the best way I can really address this issue is with the following saying:

'Too much of a good thing'

I think it's appropriate here because things that are done in moderation seem to create balance and demand more attention.  Think about the laws of supply and demand for a moment.  Yes, everyone may snooze just a little bit while tracking with me on this but here ya go.

• More availability equals less demand and therefore a lower price.
• Less availability means more demand and a higher price.

I don't mean to offend anyone with this statement as it's really really basic I know.  But hang on with me for a bit more exploration.  I'll tie it all in I promise.

Gucci purses are available in lower quantity and are priced higher.  People want them but not everyone can afford them.

No name brand purses are cheap and widely available but they are not special and so people don't hold them in high esteem as they do with the Gucci.

They could both be of high quality but who knows.  We just know that Gucci is special and exclusive and demands attention.  Run of the mill purses are a dime a dozen and not worth talking about.

So, here's the tie-in.  Schools that send home a lot of materials regularly lose stature and interest and participation.  Unfortunately, most schools are in this position. 

Schools that limit correspondence create more demand by limiting availability.  Communication should always be available online for those who want to search it out, but in backpacks, less is more.  It creates demand by it's exclusiveness and demands more attention.

Make nice stuff but not much of it and I promise parents will respond more to it.  Remember, don't cry wolf.  If you have a notice that has to be made that's not cricital, consider posting it online or in a newsletter and having one small handbill sent home encouraging parents that want more information to checkout the website.

 So, to sum this all up...   

Everything you send home is of the same importance.

If you send less stuff, everything becomes more important.  If you send more stuff, everything becomes less important.  It really is the most basic law of supply and demand at work.

So, send less and make it mean more!


Jay Moneta is the Vice President of Believe Kids Fundraising and blogs here regularly.  I encourage comments both good and bad below.  Please share and follow and I look forward to your feedback!  Thanks!!!

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