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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fundraising for Fun

If you don't need to fundraise for money, you can fundraise for fun.  Here is an article where a school went from auction to fall festival.  They lowered the income but upped the fun!

New Thomson school fundraiser geared for kids

The takeaway:

If you are having an event for fun, keep the fundraising elements as far in the background as you can.  Don't name it a fundraiser and don't talk about it in terms of a fundraiser.  Do try to make money but don't be upset if the profits aren't there.  Really focus on throwing an entertaining event and you can create a fun thing that is repeatable year after year!

If you are having a fundraiser, place raising money at the top of your list!  Figure out how to get the most money in and have the most community members participate.  Whatever you do, make it short and sweet and raise the money so you can move on to other things. 

Really what I am suggesting is that schools separate big fundraisers from other events.  Make a large amount of money on a focused fundraiser which frees the school up from other burdens.

To put it another way, don't try to make a fun fall festival all about the money.  Make it about the event, the fun, the experience, the teamwork or spirit of it.  Make the money secondary unless you know you can raise significant funds while still having fun.

Hope that makes sense but feel free to contact me anytime or leave comments good or bad below.

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