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Thursday, October 11, 2012

So many fundraisers, so little time. How to pick a winning fundraiser for your school or group!!

Ok, so I'm just checking out the school fundraising news right.

I see soooooo many fundraisers! 

There's a flamingo flocking fundraiser, a mulch fundraiser, country festival, cooking school fundraiser, car test drive fundraiser, hay maze fundraiser, chicken dinner fundraiser, diabetes fundraiser, fall carnival, blood drive and a special olympics fundraiser.  This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Shall I go on? Just kidding. 

We all know this time of year is crazy and everyone needs to raise money! 

So, there's some competition out there.  Parents are very likely struggling with time and money issues and will not have the patience to be generous in every instance.  How will your school or group host a successful fundraiser with so much going on?

Look to your biggest fans.  Is there a way you can appeal to them specifically?  If your group is a high school wrestling team, can you offer fan gear that earns you a profit?  If you are a school, can you promote a contest or challenge that will galvanize your school around your cause?

The secret to a successful fundraising is in being purposeful. Know who you are going to ask for support from and make it really attractive that they help!  If it's important to you and you communicate that effectively, you don't have to worry about fundraising competition.

Ok, until next time!


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