Elementary School Carnival Ideas

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How many fundraisers does your school host?

How many fundraisers does your school host?

Maybe a few here and there right?  A product fundraiser, book fair, school event, several spirit nights, parents night out, donation drive, sleepover, change collection, etc.

Do you think the number of fundraisers hosted has any detrimental consequences?

See. I do. 

I think that teachers strive for the best relationships they can have with parents.  I think these relationships are undermined if schools take fundraising too far.

To be fair, it's not only fundraising.  There are a lot of requests made of parents throughout the year.  Many of them are even meant to encourage and build stronger bonds between parents, teachers, faculty and of course students.

The shear number of demands on parents can cause less attention, interest and less participation in fundraiser and other events.

So, given this 'less is more' philosophy, is there anything during your school year that your school could do without?

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