Elementary School Carnival Ideas

Friday, September 14, 2012

Key motivators for you in your parent group, volunteerism and school fundraising...

What is your motivation for School Fundraising?  What is important to you? What key motivators impact your volunteerism?

Some are better than others.  Some don't help you raise more or look better.  Others are the reason you succeed.

make more money
make a contribution
get more profit / benefits / features
make a difference
work less
save time
have more time off
look good to others
be part of a winning team
work with folks I like
learn something new
use new technology
be more productive
have less hassles
get less complaints
have complaints resolved without me
be safe
be secure
be heard
be valued
get recognition
avoid pain
be vindicated
be autonomous
feel heard
do great work
be a hero
play more
have fun
serve higher order goal
be a great parent
be a great teacher
be a role model
be all i can be
look good to myself
reduce risk
be left alone
minimize fear

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