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Monday, September 17, 2012

How You Hurt Your School Fundraising Sale...

Here ya go!

How You Hurt Your School Fundraising Revenue...

There's a lot of ways to succeed at school fundraising.  There's probably a million more ways to fail at it.

Things you do or don't do determine if your sale is helped or hurt.  How are the decisions you make around fundraising season hurting your fundraiser?


1) If you choose to fundraise late in the year (October, November) you are hurting your sale.

2) If you select a fundraiser or fundraising company with low average sales and participation rates you are hurting your sale.

3) If you are not willing to get behind the sale and support it fully, you are hurting the sale.


1) If you neglect to rally the support of others within the school (principal, administration, teachers), your sale suffers.

2) Even though many of today's fundraisers require few volunteers, if you forget to get some folks to help you, you hurt your sale.

3) If your fundraising company is not offering you tools you can use to succeed, you have a lame fundraising company and are hurting your sale.


1) If you do not reward students for participating in very basic ways (prize programs, contests, incentives) your sale will suffer and participation will drop.

2) If you're just handing out the information and seeing what comes back, you will surely hurt your sale (yes, people do this).

3) In certain circumstances, not doing a live kickoff is acceptable, however, if you are able to get a large group of students together and get them pumped up, you sell more!  If it's just sending packets home without any sort of rally, your fundraiser will suffer.


The moral of the story is that even though a fundraiser is very likely designed to run itself, it shouldn't.  To get behind a sale for just two-weeks or so is simple.  What's more, that two weeks of effort saves countless hours of planning additional fundraisers or deciding how to cut expenses.




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