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Friday, August 10, 2012

Best High School Band Fundraisers

Believe Kids Band Fundraisers
Band Fundraisers

Believe Kids goes way back with elementary, middle and high school bands and choirs.  So far in fact, that we still host fundraisers for some band and choir directors that have worked with us for more than a decade.

Sounds like we're tootin' our own horn so to speak, but, there is a reason I mention it.

The strength of a music program doesn't depend on financing but inadequate funding has a profound impact on the program.

If one thing holds true today, it's that quality matters.

I hope bands and choirs continue to strive for excellence in both performance and the equipment and supplies it takes to make excellence happen!

Bands and choirs play by the same set of rules everyone else does.  They may not realize it.  It's about fundraising LESS but MORE EFFECTIVELY!

Parents and the community will enjoy any band or choir that keeps their program simple and focused.  Less is more in music and it's the same way with fundraising.  I hope directors realize that and help students find their passions without making the fundraising too big of a distraction.

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band fundraisers
choir fundraisers

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